What is tea

Did you know that all real teas come from the same species of plant?  Or that the same batch of tea leaves can be processed into a black, green, or even an oolong tea?

Challenge your preconceptions about what is and isn't tea by learning about what separates single origin tea from blends and tisanes.

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Why drink tea

Tea has an image problem in the West, where it is often seen as coffee's cheaper, less tasty cousin.

The truth is that tea is just as delicious, complex, and varied as coffee, with a long and rich culinary heritage.

In fact, tea growers in Asia compete for competition medals, with the most exquisite teas fetching thousands of dollars a pound, and there are tea sommeliers like there are for wine. 

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Choosing Quality tea

With so many choices out there - herbal, blends, bottled, loose leaf - it can be difficult to know what quality means.  We provide some pointers on what to look for when choosing tea.

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Types of tea

Do you know your blacks from your greens, whites, oolongs, and aged teas?

In the complex and often confusing world of tea, we explain what makes a tea one kind or another.

Hint: It's mainly about what happens to the leaves after they've been picked. This stage of tea production is known as "processing" and is essential to producing the final tea taste. 

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How to Brew

Tea is mostly water so the cleanliness of the water you use, the water temperature, and the steeping time all greatly affect taste.  Learning about the different factors that go into brewing tea is the first step towards getting the most out of any tea.

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Teaware Guide

Most people are familiar with tea pots and cups. But there are other kinds of brewing vessels and new, innovative ways to brew and drink tea are emerging all the time.

By the end of this article you'll know your fair cups from your gaiwans and maybe even be tempted to adopt some new tea-brewing habits.  

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