Jasmine Pearls

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This is a beautiful, soothing jasmine tea, delicious hot or iced. The tea leaves have been scented in the painstaking traditional way, where fresh jasmine blossoms are placed in trays near drying tea leaves so that their pure scent infuses the final tea. Please do not confuse our jasmine tea with most other jasmine teas on the market, which have sometimes been artificially flavored (giving that perfume-like aftertaste) or that have jasmine petals mixed in. Real jasmine tea should only contain tea leaves.

How to brew

Use 2 flat teaspoons (3g, or about 16 pearls) per 8oz water at 190F.  Leaves can be steeped 2 times without loss of flavor.  Suggested time for each steeping: 3min 30s for the first steeping, and 4min 30s for the second.

Grown in Fuzhou, China.